Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Hiring a General Manager

A General Manager one of the most responsible position in a hotel, Hiring him..naaaa.. hiring the right one...ummm!!! one of the biggest challenge.
So what do u see and how do u interview him:
The first thing I see is his experiance but more in that is to see how long has he worked in each institution. A person might have worked in many places but it can be that he has just been there for a year or two. This shows his incapability to adapt with the management. He has a very differnat view towards doing his job and is not able to follow the orders of the CEO or it can be that he is not able to convince about his ideas that it can be successful, The probability can also be that he cannot call the shots,
The other thing i have seen is that when u interview you should be able to question him on the industry he was previously working, this will help u easily find out how he was performing, A little twisted questions and he will be caught. U can catch him on this basis, one simple example is to ask him how well do u know ur competitors around u, and if he fumbles u know how good he is. There are other questions like how was your relationship with the suppliers, mangement, CEO, what was the ARR u were maintaing etc.. u can jus go on with it.
The next thing u should see is how does he react to ur question, is it to the point, or he is jus beating around the bush,
One thing i have got a wisdom taught from my dad is...
"Hiring a GM may get u into a better position or it may happen the opposite that u may jus get worser than ever"
This fear will make u even more careful while choosing the right one or the wrong one. The GM is a position where he can easily loot u and u want even know a damn thing. or he can be the person who can take u beyond the horizons. If u have to reach this post please remember one important thing, Where ever u work alwayz keep a strong successful profile in ur surronding markets, this is one thing the CEO's will look for while hiring. The other thing is that alwayz speak to the point and when u are asked a question answer to the point and if u dont know make it sure that if u choose to beat around the bush.. u r sure to get caught, jus say I dont have enough knowledge on this and this will clear doubts and shows ur straight forwardness.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Value for money

Hi, A little into on what i am doing and what i am here to achieve atleast in the present scenario.
I am pursuing my MBA from Alliance Business School and together owning a hotel here in Bangalore called Nahar Heritage. A three star hotel with 2 banquet halls a multi cuisine restaurand and 48 rooms well furnished and recently renovated. From the past 1 year we have seen sales go down to presently now 20%. Hit hard and have nowhere to run.
Now here in Bangalore have just seen things change over night. Rules,Politicians,Friends and let it be your girl friend for that matter. If you are thinking of your work organisation they are filled with politics and can drive you to any extent to believe things even way beyond imagination. I say "Trust none and make them feel most trusted".
Presently there are few dramatic changes i have noticed in the world of hospitality, competition has never been at such low standards. People just losing their image to ground zero for may be a hundred reasons. To name a few, Business, Loans or debt pressure, Pressure from the directors, Pressure over time and the maddening recession. All this has changed business here to the "survival of the most cheapest " The one that gives everything possible for peanuts. I am really seeing the worst of market ethics and buyer behaviour. Quality has become secondary and price is ruling the market.
I have a good example to show you the restaurant segment is trying to survive in Bangalore. Outside almost every hotel in Bangalore today you can find a banner saying a great catch phrase and below that prices as low as a local restaurant. I swear a 3 star deluxe hotel giving prices of a road side restaurants. An offer like unlimited Beer,Kababs and biryani at Rs399($ 8). Just the chicken a couple would eat would cost that much. This kind of banners are found all over Bangalore now.
Here i am lost in the market not able to compete with a better idea. Just thinking about it day and night, no funds available and every small investment is costing me a million dollar deal.
"God save us"